Grocery & Wholesale Insurance

Whether you’re a retail or wholesale grocer, you’re exposed to many risks. You may operate a chain supermarket or an independent grocery store. Either way, you need to protect yourself and your business.


Accidents happen, and sometimes they happen in your store. Slips and falls are all too common and definitely potential hazards to customers and employees. You need to be sure you’re covered in the event of a loss.


If you’re a grocery store selling goods to the public, you need to protect your property, your employees, and yourself against risk. If you’re a wholesaler you need to do the same. Although there are a lot of similarities between the two businesses, you each need policies that suit your unique business. At Byars Wright we can create grocery and wholesale insurance policies that fit your individual needs.


We have an expert on our team who specializes in insurance for the grocery industry. Awarded 2019 Vendor of the Year by the Alabama Grocers Association, Paul Burnett is an incredible resource and expert agent. Read some of his tips and insights on our blog such as Slip, Trip, and Fall Solutions for your grocery store or what terms should be included in your grocery store lease. If you want to know more about Paul as an agent in his blog post: How My Clients Know I’ll Always Be There For Them.


You can contact Paul directly here or just contact us here and we’ll match you with one of our expert insurance agents to build a policy that protects your retail or wholesale grocery.

Comprehensive Grocery and Wholesale Insurance Policies

Accidents, theft, loss of income, data breaches, and many other risks are associated with owning a grocery or wholesale business. So you know that you need protection. For example, if you’re a grocery store that offers delivery services, there are risks you can’t ignore. Because we have experience working with groceries and wholesalers, we can put together a policy that protects you against the specific risks you face.


Our independent agents can create a comprehensive business insurance policy that includes the following:



Did you know that your Business Income Coverage is a part of Property Coverage as well? This is the income it would take to keep paying your bills, your employees, and your debts if an incident occured.

Furthermore, other important Property Coverage Policies include Food Spoilage Coverage, Specialized Computer Coverage, and Utility Services Interruption Coverage among others. These coverages aren’t usually standard, though.  That is why you need a grocery insurance expert on your side. We will make sure your policy includes everything you need.


Our grocery insurance experts can also advise you on other risk management strategies. These include reviewing and recommending policies needed if you’re leasing part of your space.


All in all, we understand that your time should be spent running your grocery or wholesale business; so let us spend time concentrating on your insurance needs and creating the policy that allows you to concentrate on growing your operation.

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Byars Wright has years of experience insuring businesses just like yours. Our agents insure groceries and wholesalers across the country from our offices in Alabaster, Cullman, Gardendale, Birmingham, Decatur, and Jasper, Alabama.

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