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Whether you’re looking to retire or just want to get back to doing what you love – selling insurance and protecting clients – Byars|Wright, established in 1946, is the perfect business to maintain and grow your client base through mergers and acquisitions.


Named “Best Companies To Work For In Alabama” six years in a row, we treat all our relationships the way we want to be treated. This becomes apparent with every handshake, encounter, and conversation we have with our employees and our clients. 


Our promises are like gold, no exceptions – you can bank on it. Every promise we make – and we mean every single one – is made on the belief that understanding is essential, trust is earned, and execution is everything. But above all else, Relationships Matter.


We know that when looking for a merger or acquisition partner, you want to minimize change and ensure that the growth of your business is a priority. At the same time, you want your business to experience accelerated growth, streamlined operations, and proper staffing. With our past acquisitions, Byars|Wright has gained goodwill with our commitment to trust and execution, with both the businesses we acquire and the employees we welcome to our team as a result of the acquisition. With the right merger or acquisition partner, you gain more resources, or what we like to call “bench strength”, that enables you to be even more valuable to your clients.


As a family-owned business, we treat our employees like family. They will tell you – we invest in our people because we believe that we win with people. For 75 years, we have developed a strong, happy culture and work environment for everyone.

See how we have grown!

Throughout our 75 years as a family-owned agency, we’ve not only remained committed to perpetuating internally, but we’ve expanded our agency with successful acquisitions and organic growth. From acquiring books of business to entire agencies and acquisitions that lead to launching an Employee Benefits department, we’ve been through it all.


We focus on building strong relationships: with our clients, with our partners and carriers, in our communities, and within our team. At Byars|Wright, we protect relationships – and this is what fuels our continued growth.


Take a look at our growth in recent years:



What to look for in a partnership through mergers and acquisitions

Byars|Wright is 75 years old and still family-owned and operated. We’ve been through many successful mergers and acquisitions, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what you should look for, and what’s worked for us.


Whether retirement is in your near future or you want to shed the everyday responsibilities of running a company and get back to being hands-on with clients and prospects, becoming a part of Byars|Wright is an excellent choice. That said, there’s no doubt you are shopping around your options to ensure you achieve just the right fit. Therefore, here are some factors to look for when considering selling your company:

Look at company culture.

Does your company have the same philosophies and values that you hold dear? After all, you’ve worked for years implementing these values, so you’ll no doubt want to ensure that this piece matches very well. We believe that good culture creates genuine organizational trust, positive experiences, and yields a successful venture in the long run.

Client relationship management.

How well does the company manage and nurture their client relationships? Make sure you conduct some interviews of the company’s existing customers, and look for keywords that indicate your philosophies on customer care are similar and of the highest quality. At Byars|Wright, our client relationships matter. Your client care should improve, or at the very least remain at the same level, when you choose an M&A partner.

Employee advancement.

Maybe many of your employees have been with you since the very beginning, and perhaps you’ve hand-picked a lot of them. So you will want to ensure that they have access to great benefits and career growth down the line. Moreover, you should consider other factors such as educational opportunities and work-life balance. After all, opportunities for your employees to enjoy a rich work life and a safe and calm transition is probably foremost in your mind.

For a first-hand perspective on perpetuation planning, one of our previous acquisition stories, or just to dig a little deeper into the heart and mind of Byars|Wright to see if we’d be the right fit for you, visit our blog here.

Join Byars|Wright as the best choice for your agency’s continued growth!

Let us bring together our mutual strengths regarding process improvement, technology, and sales acumen to make the best possible pairing of our businesses. Our strong success since 1946 demonstrates we place the highest possible value on relationships, and that goes a long way in today’s crazy world of “churn and burn.” We are genuine people, running a successful agency, with a bright future. Come be a part of our bright future together!

What Our Partners Have to Say

“It was just a really good fit. We felt like the agencies shared similar cultures, including the way we do business and how we treat our customers. On top of that, we represented a lot of the same companies and had the same computer system. Because of this, our customers didn’t miss a beat.”
Former Agency Owner
“It was a very wise decision. Haig has lived up to his word, and hopefully we’ve lived up to ours. I believe it's been beneficial for both of us.”
Former Agency Owner
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