Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business, or commercial, insurance helps protect businesses from losses related to property damage, negligence, employee injury, and liability claims. As a business owner, you should invest in a strong business insurance policy to protect your future and ensure you do not pay out-of-pocket for claims. A small business owner has the same concerns for his assets as the large business owner does. No matter the size, your main goal – and ours – is to protect your business.


There are many types of business insurance and many things to consider when selecting a policy and provider. The first step to making sure your business is covered properly is a policy review. Take a look at your policy: Do you understand the conditions of your policy – what it does or doesn’t cover? Fortunately, for business owners, Byars Wright can help.


Byars Wright is a major commercial insurance provider in the Birmingham area, including offices in Alabaster, Birmingham, Cullman, Decatur, Gardendale, and Jasper. We have an experienced team of independent insurance agents committed to finding the best insurance for your business. We take time to understand our customers’ needs, analyze assets, and measure risks.


With the Byars Wright team on your side, we’ve got your business – and your future – covered. You can contact one of our knowledgeable, friendly, and certified independent insurance agents in Alabama today. We would be happy to discuss your business’s needs to find an ideal solution.

Types of Commercial Insurance

At Byars Wright, we understand that business insurance needs vary. We provide a wide range of insurance options to fit businesses in all industries.


You can contact our team to learn more about your insurance options or request a quote online.



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