Municipalities Insurance

When it comes to operating municipal institutions, various risks exist from day to day throughout the course of providing professional services to the public. For example, a school or courthouse could catch fire, or a hospital could give a patient the wrong medicine.

Local government entities like counties or small towns have specific needs to protect themselves against risks such as these. Municipal insurance coverage protects them against certain liabilities, such as bodily injury, medical expenses, or other damage or loss caused to or by:


  • Public property
  • Public institutions
  • Public officials (for example, politicians and police officers)


Proper risk management training for local officials can also help minimize the number of claims and/or lawsuits that are to be filed.

Liability Coverage for Municipalities


Byars|Wright is a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency with offices in the greater Birmingham area (including Jasper, Gardendale, Homewood, Alabaster, and Cullman.) We have experience providing customized municipal insurance policies for municipalities to meet their unique risk management needs.

Municipal insurance provides liability coverage for a wide range of events and accidents. Common types of municipalities insurance and business insurance include the following.


Professional Liability Insurance


This general liability insurance covers slips and falls, broken glass, and other common accidents that occur on municipal property as well as the lawsuits that may arise from them. Within these claims, there may be property damage, bodily injury, and more. Professional liability insurance protects a government entity from being held responsible for these losses.


Casualty Coverage


Going a step further, casualty coverage protects a government entity from certain penalties if lives are lost due to terrorism, medical malpractice, car accidents, excessive force, and more.


Property Coverage


Property insurance coverage protects government entities from paying for property damage from disasters like earthquakes and floods (with certain restrictions for certain risk zones.) Additional risks associated with a property will vary based on the building’s purpose, who visits it, and what kind of machinery or materials are inside. Specialized coverage is also available for utilities like sewer plants and water towers, which run the risk of contamination and equipment failure.


Public Officials Liability Coverage


Any municipality with elected public officials or governing boards is potentially liable for the decisions the boards make because they impact the entire population. Having a public officials liability policy in place can protect the municipality from being held responsible for the wrong decisions and/or employment practices of officials.


Law Enforcement Liability Coverage


Members of a municipal police force can be held liable or sued for wrongful detention, police brutality/use of excessive force, and other accusations. Law enforcement liability coverage protects the municipality and its police officers from such allegations. It can also include line of duty accidental death coverage and moonlighting.


Cyber Liability Insurance


Hacking has become a serious threat in recent years. This insurance policy includes data breach coverage to protect a business or entity from liability in the event of unauthorized access to sensitive information about its finances, customers, and/or employees.


Employment Practice Liability Insurance (EPLI)


If government employees get hurt in a work-related accident, workers compensation and employer liability insurance will cover lost wages, medical care, and other expenses.


Fleet Insurance/Commercial Auto Insurance for Government Vehicles


Commercial vehicle insurance is imperative for government vehicles. It generally includes liability coverage, damage/collision coverage, certain medical coverage in the event of a car accident, and coverage that activates if the other driver involved in the accident was uninsured. It can also cover attorney fees, settlement payouts, and other court costs.

With such a wide range of covered losses, policies like these often have limits of tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, extensive research must be done before coverage is granted.

As part of the information gathering and risk assessment phase, the government entity will need to disclose years of financial data and claims history as well as information about the construction and occupancy limits of any relevant buildings.

Fortunately, Byars|Wright can help ensure you’re ready for any situation that comes your way.


Explore the Benefits of Municipal Insurance from Byars|Wright


It takes complex insurance coverage to keep a municipality and its citizens safe. At Byars|Wright, we have the experience and resources to set you up with the protection you need. In addition, we provide business insurance for everyone from local small business owners to large corporations.

Coverage is just a few clicks away! To explore types of business insurance, municipal insurance, and other insurance options, please contact a Byars|Wright local independent insurance agent.

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