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Sales Team

W. Haig Wright II, CIC | President
W. Haig Wright II, CIC
President | Broker
Skip Roberts, CIC, AAM, AAI | Senior Vice-President
Skip Roberts, CIC, AAM, AAI
Senior Vice-President | Broker
Picture of Insurance Agent, Evan Chambers
Evan Chambers
Branch Manager | Broker
Gabe Clement Byars|Wright Insurance Agent and Sales Team Manager
Gabe Clement
Branch Manager | Broker
Haig Wright III, Commercial Insurance Agent
Haig Wright III
Branch Manager | Broker
Picture of Paul Burnett Grocery Insurance Expert
Paul Burnett
Branch Manager | Broker
Renee Wenzler
Employee Benefits Director | Broker
Picture of Trae Norrell - Nonprofit Insurance Agent
Trae Norrell
Branch Manager | Broker
Beau Yarbrough | Producer - Gardendale
Beau Yarbrough
Ben Davis
Picture of Insurance Agent - Employee Benefits Consultant CJ Jordan
C.J. Jordan
Broker | Employee Benefits Specialist
Ella Grace Blalock
Broker | Employee Benefits Consultant
Jackie Yarbrough, CIC | Producer - Gardendale
Jackie Yarbrough, CIC
Jake Burdeshaw
Lawson Schaffer
Oliver Wright, Byars|Wright Insurance Agent in Jasper, Alabama
Oliver Wright
Ron Griggs
Picture of Insurance Agent Whitt Luker
Whitt Luker

Service Team

Jan Giangrosso, CISR Elite
Service Team Manager | Account Manager
Christy Latham
Service Team Leader | Account Manager
Amanda Franklin | Account Manager - Alabaster
Mandy Franklin
Service Team Leader | Account Manager
Allison Baldis
Account Manager
Bailey Sweeting, Commercial Insurance Account Manager at Byars|Wright
Bailey Sweeting
Account Manager
Brenda Taylor, CIC, CISR
Account Manager
Brooke Beasely
Account Manager
Carly Fendley
Account Manager Assistant
Dana Rogers, Byars|Wright Insurance Account Manager
Dana Rogers
Account Manager
Deedra Husband | Account Manager - Alabaster
Deedra Husband
Account Manager
Picture of Donna Bibb, Byars Wright Insurance Account Manager
Donna Bibb
Account Manager
Donna Leemon, CISR, CIC
Account Manager
Gina Reagan, Byars|Wright Insurance Account Manager
Gina Reagan
Account Manager
Judy Hopkins, CISR
Account Manager
Kayla Watson
Account Manager
Kristy Slay 1
Kristy Slay
Account Manager
Laura Lee Johnson, Service Team Leader at Byars|Wright Insurance
Laura Lee Long, CISR
Account Manager
Lexie Payne
Account Manager
Lee Wade
Lee Wade
Account Manager
Madi Williams
Account Manager
Mary Wehby
Account Manager
Sally Melton
Account Manager
Sara Chambers
Relationship Manager | Employee Benefits
Susie Norman
Account Manager
Tori Turner
Employee Benefits Enrollment Specialist
Traci Guinn
Account Manager

Support Team

Alan McCoin, Claim Management
Alan McCoin
Director of Claim Management
Danny Callies
Safety Specialist
Dee Holt
Claim Manager
Denise Thomas
Marketing Manager

Operations Team

Mitchell Garnett
Director of Operations
Amee Donald Byars|Wright Insurance Community Manager
Amee Donald
Agency Relations Manager | Advertising
Ashley Wilkes
Administrative Assistant
Brandi Miles
Brandi Miles
Accounting Assistant
Grace Anne Kennard
Digital Marketing & Content Coordinator
Lacey Rae Visintainer
Agency Brand Manager
Stacey Junkin
Stacey Junkin
Finance Manager
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