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Byars Wright stands out as the foremost provider of older mobile home insurance in Alabama, ensuring comprehensive coverage to protect your investment and offer peace of mind. Our insurance for mobile homes is designed to cover the unique risks associated with mobile homes, providing tailored solutions that prioritize your needs. Whether you’re seeking coverage for structural damage, liabilities, or unexpected events, Byars Wright is your trusted partner in protecting your mobile home.

Navigating the insurance landscape is made easy with Byars Wright. Our commitment to excellence extends to offering personalized guidance, ensuring you make informed decisions about your coverage. Our company gives you a comprehensive and reliable insurance experience tailored to your individual circumstances. If you’re looking to secure your mobile home, get a mobile home insurance quote from Byars Wright today!

Why Should I Get Home Insurance for a Mobile Home?


Securing home insurance for a mobile home is a proactive step to shield your property from the many risks it may face. By their nature, mobile homes encounter unique challenges due to their structure and mobility, making insurance coverage extremely important. These policies protect against damage from natural disasters, accidents, or unfortunate events. They cover the building, personal belongings, and liabilities, offering financial security.

In the face of unpredictable circumstances, home insurance for mobile homes becomes a crucial investment in your financial stability and peace of mind. Whether it’s protecting against the financial fallout of a natural disaster, the event of theft, or unforeseen accidents, comprehensive mobile home insurance ensures that you won’t bear the burden alone.

By choosing insurance that is designed for mobile homes, you are protecting your home and belongings. This is a responsible decision that keeps your household safe and secure in the future.

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What originated as a singular office in Jasper, Alabama, in 1946 has flourished into a dynamic network of five strategically positioned offices across central Alabama, embodying the ethos of the Where Relationships Matter Group. Operating cohesively as a unified agency, our extensive team believes that Relationships Matter, serving clients with unwavering dedication and expertise, regardless of geographical location.

If you seek coverage for your mobile home, Byars Wright is readily available. Drop by any of our six offices situated across Central Alabama, from Jasper to Birmingham, offering you the convenience of choice.



We’re committed to meeting you at your preferred location. Find mobile home insurance easily at any of our six locations, showing our dedication to accessibility and personalized service. Connect with Byars Wright, where the strength of relationships has been at the core of our success since 1946.

Mobile Home Insurance FAQs


What Does Mobile Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Mobile home insurance covers the home, belongings, liability, and temporary relocation expenses in case of a covered event. Coverage can vary, so it’s important to understand the specifics of your policy. One of our agents can go over, in detail, what our coverage entails when you sign up.


Are There Specific Risks That Mobile Home Insurance Addresses?

Yes, mobile home insurance is designed to address the unique risks associated with mobile homes, including structural vulnerabilities, exposure to weather-related events, and the potential for transportation-related accidents. Understanding these specific risks is crucial for adequate coverage.


 How Is the Cost of Mobile Home Insurance Determined?

The price of mobile home insurance depends on factors like the home’s age, value, location, coverage limits, and claims history. We may also consider more specific items like the proximity of your mobile home to fire hydrants and the local fire station.


Can I Get Mobile Home Insurance if My Home Is Older?

Yes, we offer coverage for older mobile homes. However, the eligibility and cost may vary based on factors like the home’s age, condition, and compliance with safety standards. It’s advisable to discuss your specific situation with one of our insurance agents to determine the best coverage options for your older mobile home.


Is Liability Coverage Included in Mobile Home Insurance?

Mobile home insurance typically provides liability coverage. This coverage protects you in case someone is injured on your property or if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. This coverage can help with legal expenses and medical bills, providing important financial protection for mobile homeowners.

A Mobile Home Insurance Company You Can Trust: Contact Byars Wright for Excellent Coverage


As a leading mobile home insurance company, we understand mobile homes’ unique challenges and risks. Our team is dedicated to giving complete coverage beyond protecting the building and covering your belongings and liabilities. With a legacy dating back to 1946 and six strategically located offices across Central Alabama, Byars Wright has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service and expertise in the realm of mobile home insurance.

Choose Byars Wright for mobile home insurance and get a team of professionals who value long-term client relationships. Our experts can help you find insurance for any type of mobile home, whether it’s new or old. Connect with us today to ensure your mobile home is adequately protected, benefitting from the experience that defines Byars Wright as a trusted mobile home insurance company.

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