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The end of the year is usually an extremely busy time for HR professionals. There’s a lot they must do in a relatively...

Uber, Lyft and other rideshare apps can make it easy to get a quick car ride or make some extra income, and they’re...

If a Tree Falls, Who Pays? Every year, storms are responsible for felling countless trees and limbs. Unfortunately, some of those fallen trees damage...

The winter months bring more than just cold weather and shorter days; they bring the possibility for winter storms that may result in...

In a business climate driven by results, shipping terms can be an afterthought of a sale. However, this can affect your bottom line,...

While preparing your Thanksgiving turkey in a turkey fryer can be a timeless tradition, it’s important to keep cooking safety measures in mind...

Have you discussed defensive driving with your family or employees? The formula for defensive driving is to see the hazard, understand the defense,...

Event organizers must shoulder a significant burden—they have prime responsibility for ensuring overall health and safety at their events. That means they are...

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