Byars|Wright: Where Real Relationships Matter

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Byars|Wright: Where Real Relationships Matter

Our independent insurance agency started in 1946. We’ve grown tremendously in our 75 years, but relationships remain the heart of our family business. 

Producing, prioritizing, and protecting relationships drive who we are as an agency and how we conduct business with our customers. Get to know the heart of Byars|Wright and learn more about who we are by watching this video.

Who We Are

Byars|Wright is a family of individuals who share the same core values and principles. Every promise we make is made on the belief that understanding is essential, trust is earned, and execution is everything. But above all else, Relationships Matter.

These values start with our leadership team and flow through our entire insurance agency. 

We value relationships

The vision of Byars|Wright is pretty simple: To protect relationships. This goes for relationships within our agency, relationships with our customers, and relationships with our carriers. We aim to form real relationships with our customers – rather than treat them as business partners. These relationships are built on trust that is gained over time. Through that trust, we are able to help others and their businesses. 

We are passionate about helping people

We understand that when people have problems, they are usually outside the working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. When claim time comes, we are going to be there for our customers as an extended part of their team. We not only want to make sure you’re covered, but we also want to make sure that you are okay. It’s what we do between 5 p.m. and 8 a.m. that sets us apart. 

We invest in our communities

We believe it is critical to invest in the communities in which we do business. In fact, we actually live in the communities in which we work. We open new locations to invest in the opportunities to serve the people, businesses, and organizations that are local to the community.  

We build people

The future of Byars|Wright is growth. In this industry, we are all lifetime learners. Our leadership team sets the agency up for success with the right teaching and resources to grow people within our agency. When each person in the agency feels like they matter, it equates to great service, products, programs, and communication, and ultimately, makes the entire operation work. This style of leadership and management makes a difference and fits within our family environment and a loving atmosphere. 

The future of our insurance agency is bright.

As Byars|Wright grows, we are committed to keeping these values and principles at the heart of who we are as an insurance agency. Our formula for success in 1946 continues to set us apart today.  


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