Hiring locally: How Byars|Wright fully invests in our communities

Hiring locally: How Byars|Wright fully invests in our communities

By Trae Norrell, Producer and Amee Donald, Agency Relations Manager and Advertising

At Byars|Wright, we’re not just a business that’s trying to sell a product or service. We’re an organization that truly invests in the communities in which we operate, and we believe there’s no better way to do that than by hiring someone local who cares about their community, and can share with us a deep respect and love for it. 

When we open an office in a new location, we choose that spot for a reason. We go there because we believe in the community and its people. We believe hiring those with a heartbeat in that community takes our investment there to a whole new level. 

Three reasons Byars|Wright strives to hire locally 

Byars|Wright makes it a priority to hire locally, and we definitely believe there are many benefits to doing so. From immersing ourselves in the community to providing better service to our clients, we’ve found that hiring locally truly takes our investment full circle.  

As a result of hiring locally, we’re able to:

#1 Fully invest in the communities we serve. The people we bring on our team don’t just have an address in that community, they have a home there. People in the area know them as neighbors; they run into them at church, the grocery store, and school functions. Through these relationships, we find deeper ways to connect and get involved. They see the Byars|Wright team is fully committed and invested in the community, and that’s invaluable.  

#2 Maintain a better work-life balance. At the same time, we feel hiring locally allows us to maintain the optimal work-life balance we work so hard to attain. We don’t want people spending countless hours on long commutes. Our employees reside here and are already invested in the community. Whatever they’re doing outside of their workday is just right down the road. We believe this makes the work-life balance much easier to achieve.

#3 Provide our clients with local service. In this day and age when so many companies are outsourcing customer service, you rarely, if ever, get the same person on the phone twice. We’ve all been there and know this can make a simple task extremely frustrating. 

At Byars|Wright, we believe there’s something to be said for a familiar voice. No matter which team you’re working with, whether sales, service or support, you know you’re speaking with someone local; someone located right there in your community. And if you need to reach them again or stop by the office, you won’t have any problems doing so. 

Hiring locally and building relationships with our communities

Byars|Wright strongly believes in the importance of hiring locally and bringing people on our team who are genuinely committed to their communities. We’ve seen this positively affect our team, our clients, and most importantly, our communities as a whole. 

Relationships mean everything and hiring locally is just one way we aim to keep those relationships with our communities strong. 


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