Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter

Winter weather can create various driving challenges. Cold temperatures make it difficult for engines to work properly, while snow limits tire traction and salt causes rust on exterior paint. That’s why it is important to protect your car during the winter months by “winterizing” your vehicle before the beginning of the season. Whether it’s your personal car or business autos, you should consider these car winterizing tips before the temperature drops.

  • Check your tire pressure on a regular basis—Cold temperatures cause tire air pressure to drop.
  • Check your car battery—Extreme temperatures can cause your vehicle’s battery to operate at less than 50%. If your battery is over three years old, have it tested.
  • Check the antifreeze mixture—The ideal mixture of antifreeze and water in your radiator is 50:50.
  • Change the oil in your engine and check the viscosity grade—To reduce the risk of problems with your engine oil, place thinner oil in your engine before the cold weather season.
  • Conduct inspections— Be sure to have your belts and hoses inspected. In addition, make sure you inspect your wipers and refill the wiper fluid.
  • Install snow tires on your vehicle—Snow tires will increase traction and reduce your chances of slipping on slick surfaces.
  • Be prepared—Place a roadside emergency supply kit in your car to be prepared for any scenario on the road.

The winter may be hard on you, resulting in dry skin, brittle hair and an increased risk of the flu. But, it’s also hard on your vehicle! Take the necessary steps to protect your car against the cold to ensure that it will last the entire winter season.

The road is a risky place to be. Beyond preparing for and driving in winter weather, as a business owner you should also protect your business and employees with insurance. In today’s litigious commercial auto insurance environment, adequate insurance protection is becoming more important than ever before. It’s essential to understand your exposures and liabilities in order to determine the appropriate auto insurance.

Does your business own vehicles? Does your business rent vehicles for business purposes? Are your employees’ personal vehicles used for work errands? Regardless, you need protection if you’re taking your business, or employees, on the road. Click here to read more about Commercial Auto Insurance vs. Hired /Non-owned Auto Insurance. 

If you own or manage a trucking company, there’s more to know. Click here to read What Trucking Companies Need to Know About Their Insurance. You can also click here to download these Winter Driving Tips For Truckers. 


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