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Our agency purpose is “Build People, Protect Relationships.” Living out that purpose includes identifying new team members. Our purpose, however, stretches beyond the internal workings of Byars|Wright. It includes helping people find and recognize the variety of opportunities that lie in careers in insurance. 


The Relationship Development Team (RDT) relentlessly and proactively pursues our agency’s future talent, looking for those that will fit our culture and join the journey that is Byars|Wright. RDT also leads the charge in training and positioning our employees to be successful.

We’re looking for an Account Manager to join our Commercial Lines team.


Take a look at the Account Manager Job Description here, then click the button below to apply!

*Bond experience preferred.

*Property & Casualty License preferred.

View the job description here for full details.

We Win With People

We protect relationships – and that starts with our own. Byars|Wright is a family. We believe everyone needs a place to belong and someone to believe in them. While engaging employees and promoting a positive company culture, we also define a path that fuels the future and leads to success for each team member both professionally and personally. We challenge each other and are fierce competitors. In the end, we WIN together.


At Byars|Wright you will gain a firm foundation of insurance and customer service knowledge by working closely with producers, mentors, and taking advantage of educational opportunities encouraged by our agency. In addition, our leadership team takes an active role in your career growth by investing in your development with ongoing learning, coaching, and mentoring.


We’re always open to meeting new talent that could possibly join our team, so we would love to hear from you. To follow our LinkedIn, click here. Then, click the button below and say “hello”!

Employee Benefits

–  Health Benefits

–  Flexible Spending Accounts

–  Group Life Insurance

–  FamilyFirst PTO

–  401K Matching & Retirement Planning

–  Additional Voluntary Benefit Options

–  Employee Training

  and more.

Culture & Wellness Matter At Byars|Wright


Culture is important at Byars|Wright. We’re protective of our family culture because we know how important – and unique – ours is. The health and wellness of our employees is a big component of it. We believe that four key areas affect our employees and overall culture: physical, emotional, financial, and social.


That is why, at Byars|Wright, we offer competitive employee benefits that touch all four areas. Beyond the traditional health benefits, we offer FamilyFirst PTO, Flexible Spending Accounts, family-friendly events, and more. We believe in setting our employees up for both short and long-term success. A multi-level bonus structure and original rewards program foster an encouraging environment. 401K Matching and Retirement Planning plus additional voluntary benefit options help our employees plan for success personally.

What Our Employees Have To Say.

“We’re a close family, and there’s trust and loyalty ingrained in who we are.”

“I’m happy to say that I have a career that I enjoy, not just a job.”

“It’s a blessing to get to work with friends and family every day. Our culture is what allows us to thrive.”

“I am truly blessed to wake up every single morning and not feel like I’m going to a ‘job’.”

“What this agency means to me is difficult to put into words. We are as close to family as you can get.”

“Byars|Wright has given me every opportunity in the world to succeed, not only in our industry but to succeed in life.”

“I feel that our agency does a great job of promoting a welcoming, family-oriented environment for all of their employees, as opposed to just a place to work.”

“I could not ask for a better work environment than what we have at Byars|Wright.”

“I can honestly say that working with these people brings me joy. The fun, family culture is unmatched in my experience.”

“When I began working with Byars|Wright, my idea of company culture completely changed for the better. Waking up and going to work for more than a paycheck is life changing. I love where I work.”

“My favorite part of my job is the relationships. Our customers, my co-workers, our community – they make it worth it.”

“When I got married, my co-workers not only hosted a surprise luncheon for me, but they gifted me a recipe book with handwritten family recipes from over half of the employees. To me, this says a lot about who we are and the type of people that I work with.”

“I love what I do, but even more so, I love the relationships with the people that I work with and what our agency stands for.”

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