Our Gardendale Team

Let us introduce you to our staff. We're here to help.

The Byars | Wright Agency team would like to say "thank you" for allowing us to service your insurance needs. It is a pleasure working with you, and we always enjoy hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with your account.

Sales Team

John Byars, CIC

Vice-President / Branch Manager

Direct: (205) 221-8662
Cell: (205) 275-3803
Email: jbyars@byarswright.com

Paul Burnett

Account Executive

Direct: (205) 221-8675
Cell: (205) 516-4481
Email: pburnett@byarswright.com

Evan Chambers

Account Executive

Direct: (205) 221-8677
Cell: (256) 874-3585
Email: echambers@byarswright.com

Gabe Clement

Account Executive

Direct: (205) 221-8665
Cell: (205) 388-6033
Email: gclement@byarswright.com

Matt Gaston, CIC

Account Executive

Direct: (205) 221-8647
Cell: (205) 420-3499
Email: mgaston@byarswright.com

W. Haig Wright III

Account Executive

Direct: (205) 221-8658
Cell: (205) 522-7525
Email: haig@byarswright.com

Commercial Lines Support Team

Ashleigh Calvert

Account Manager

Direct: (205) 221-8669
Email: acalvert@byarswright.com

Jan Giangrosso

Account Manager

Direct: (205) 221-8668
Email: jgiangrosso@byarswright.com

Judy Hopkins, CISR

Account Manager

Direct: (205) 221-8657
Email: jhopkins@byarswright.com
Office Support

Bobi Woody

Operations & Service Support

Direct: (205) 221-8676
Email: bwoody@byarswright.com

Mitchell Garnett

Operations & Sales Support

Direct: (205) 221-8674
Cell: (205) 913-2576
Email: mgarnett@byarswright.com